Invisible: Bike Workers' Fight for Survival

Sammy Escalante is a long-time delivery cyclist who has experienced first-hand the dangers of the app-based food delivery industry. Every day in New York City, some 80,000 food delivery cyclists take to the streets to make their living. Mostly migrant workers with few labor rights, they risk traffic collisions, extreme weather, theft, and even murder. After discovering his passion for photography, Sammy has been using his art to celebrate the role of the deliveristas and raise awareness for their working conditions.


Releasing Soon

festival showings coming in 2024


Directed by: Julien Sobel

Produced by: Edie McRoberts

Lesley Paredes Hernandez

Associate Producer: Aashna Brahmbhatt

Director of Photography: Benjamin T. DiNoia

Edited by: Edie McRoberts


Releases: October 2023

Category: Student documentary